Friday, October 26, 2007

Now Blogging at You from Charmingly Historical Edge City

Which is totally more expensive than Microburg, but also way cooler. In that Charmingly Historical Edge City sort of way, that is. It's not Cool, per se, but it is peopled by those who bought their townhouses from the artists who lured all the cute shops to the neighborhood. Yuppietown, actually, with cute shops. I can dig that.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


While I cart myself and my absolutely essential stuff down to my new city area. Wish me luck in starting the job and finding good transitional digs.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Too Many Tissues in the House?

Well, then. I have a remedy. As usual, however, my remedy comes with a back story. ( I think I may already be that crazy old aunt who will explain the history of leeching in medicine when someone asks for a band-aid. Damn.)


My music history prof once declared to a room full of skeptical post-adolescents that any person who can watch/listen to La Boheme without crying has a serious emotional disorder for which there is no acceptable alternate diagnosis. You can't even blame that kind of emotional stunting on presbyterianism. As skeptical as my compatriots, I thought he was just doing the "it's OK for men to love Opera" thing. And then I saw La Boheme, and gave every liquid-producing gland on my face a serious workout.

But suppose you aren't in the mood for Italian-singing Parisians, what can you do?
You can watch/ listen to one of the more recent recensions of the tale of star-crossed love.

Spend a rainy afternoon watching RENT.

But don't just do that. Watch RENT while explaining to a relative with cardiac and vascular issues that Jonathan Larson , the creator of RENT, was another Gower Champion story. And try not to think about the fact that you are moving away from said ill relative, at least for a time. And while you're doing that, think also about the subject matter of RENT; creative young people living with and dying of AIDS in New York in 1989-1990. And then think about the creative young person you both loved and lost in New York in 1990. And by the time the cast finishes singing "La Vie Boheme" you won't have a tissue, paper napkin, or paper towel left in the house.

I promise you it'll work.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Considering Carpetbaggery

[Update: Southward-bound Heo departs Microburg in a few days to search for temporary housing in the Major Metropolitan area. Hilarity is almost certain to ensue, as I have already had my heart blessed via telephone, and I understand heart blessings are generally not a good sign. Also, while I am no longer Catholic, I do have a compulsive need to finish the prayer when someone says "Lord, have mercy." Sometimes, I even break into song right after that. But by then I'm off auto-pilot and just being a smart-ass.]

Hey, all! I realize I have once again, very rudely gone AWOL on you. I would have been poor company, I assure you.

Anyway, just this evening I was offered a job ( not CC teaching) on the other side of the Mason-Dixon line. I'm eskeered of the other side of the Mason-Dixon line much in the same way I was eskeered of the other side of the Hudson before I came to Microburg. ( People talk funny over there, and pray funny over there, there be the dragons, those outside the NY metropolitan area seem to think all native New Yorkers are carrying automatic weaponry and Hashish at all times, that sort of thing.) But, the job seems challenging and useful, and if the money is enough for me to be a responsible citizen while being a responsible worker ( and I think it will be), I may be living elsewhere super soon.

The funny thing is that I've been going through my things this past week and throwing away everything that doesn't past the Budapest test. That is to say, if my perfect dream job were to present itself, and I was preparing to move to Budapest to do dream work and spend off-hours drinking among the Magyars and exploring Saint Stephen's, would I be so attached to thing X that I would fly it over with me?

When I answer yes, I keep it. When I answer no, and it isn't furniture, it goes away.

Now, I wouldn't call prospective new suburb of major metropolis (Major metropolis! Yay!) Budapest, but if this job comes through, it'll be a serious move.