Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time Keeps On Slippin'....

I'm all old and stuff. Which isn't so terrible, really. My eldest brother and a sister-in-law never got to be three dozen years old. I do. So I should definitely not complain. This is time that should be treasured. Still...I've been very gentle with myself this week just in case there's a crazy old person looking to hop out at some minor provocation or another.

Last year, I gave myself a nine-days late gift in quitting smoking. First anniversary of non-smokingness tomorrow. This year, I have been considering my gift options. I've not been having much luck in the big gift department. It's kind of tough to follow up on breaking an 18 year addiction. But I have been having a lot of luck with little gifts.

The rules for my birthday gift to myself are simple:
- It can't cost me anything
- It can't cause guilt pangs
- It should, ideally, be both reasonably legal and moral

Luckily, Washington DC and its environs are almost ground zero for fun, free stuff to do. I have been having major fun this past week. ( I've also been going to a Big, Important meeting a day, so now my brain is all boiled from the pendulum swing between the mind-numbing tedium of meetings and "Hey! Cool arcane talk on geek stuff right near my house!")

Plus, the local grocery store had a special on in which it delivered groceries for free. Wooo! All the stuff I want from the grocery store, no schlepping!

Anybody in the area want to pop by and dust my house?