Saturday, August 20, 2005

Whine Selection

Blogging Lesson #1: Don't start a blog a week before you have to cart all of your stuff, including thousands of pounds of books, several hundred miles away. Life Lesson #1: A) Do not rent an apartment in a building that has no elevator when you have thousands of pounds of books. B) Moving suuuucks! C) When your legs have given out, and you can't get your stuff up the stairs anymore, know that undergrads will do any heavy lifting you can throw their way if you offer them $50.


Anonymous said...

Blogstress Extraordinaire,
TY for the topical and well thought out sound advice.I put the address on my AOL tool bar. I must say I had no idea how white you are until seeing your profile pic...and the scepter!!!! breathtakingly bold!!!! And it[scepter] sets off your choice of hats subtly yet tastefully....kudos!! BRAVO!!! YUGOGURL!!!!.......hey....I'm really good at being supportive.......and nurturing......could it be that.....I've been going about online chat all wrong????....Nahhhh
DeSades aka Tom

HeoCwaeth said...

I prefer to call my complexion 'glimmering luminescence.' Now if I could only get someone to shout Fiat Lux every time I walk into a room ... where are the undergrads when you need them?