Saturday, January 07, 2006

In Defense of Bitterness

Caveat Lector: This post is long. Pack a lunch.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an anti-feminist jackass in possession of a public forum, must level charges of bitterness. To be fair, the charge is often correct. This does not win anti-feminists any awards for perspicacity, however. I'm afraid it doesn't take a brain surgeon, or a dental hygienist for that matter, to deduce that those who are protesting what they perceive to be the ills in society are at least momentarily disgruntled, if not thoroughly embittered. Unfortunately for anti-feminists, while declaring that one's opponent is bitter may be a valid observation, it isn't the "look at me, Ma" hands-down argument-stopper they present it as. "I've sussed you out, person with a complaint, and I've decided you're dissatisfied" really isn't that stunning a point to make. If feminists were completely happy with the status quo, we'd be off somewhere doing things other than pointing out how unhappy we are with the status quo. We're smart like that.

What Anti-feminists Assume Are the Causes of Feminists' Anger or Bitterness:
Where anti-feminists (hereafter AFs) fall far short of reason is in their diagnoses of the causes of feminists' bitterness. It's rather amusing to hear/read the causes listed, actually, because in AFs standard-issue determinations of the reasons behind feminist dissatisfaction exists a veritable parade of their ignorance regarding the nature of feminism. So, let's start with the dictionary definition of feminism, shall we?

1 : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
2 : the movement organized around this belief
- fem·i·nist /-nist/ noun or adjective
- fem·i·nis·tic /"fe-m&-'nis-tik/ adjective

Fairly clear-cut, I think. Nowhere in that definition does it say that feminism considers it a prerequisite for membership that one is: fat, ugly, lesbian, man-hating, shrewish, whorish, or frigid. Yet these are the causes most often cited as the cause of a woman's feminism. These alleged causes of feminism are often combined in fun, and unexpected ways. (On one memorable occasion I was told that my feminism is secondary to my being a frigid whore. While I'm certain that being a frigid whore must be a truly unpleasant experience indeed, I am not one. Nice try, though.) Men, of course, are considered to be either emasculated in some way, or desperate for women's attention if they are feminists. Those aren't in the definition either. For the moment, however, I'd like to concentrate on the perceived causes of feminism in women. In most of these terms, the supposition is that a woman is unable to get a man's sexual attention, and therefore seeks self-esteem as a replacement for a man's (very limited, sexual) esteem. Yet the most basic premise of feminism is, again, that women are, or should be, the political, economic, and social equals of men. It is not that women are acceptable substitutes for the much-more-desirable men who are either unavailable or disinterested. Let's talk about the "Oh, that'll shut her up" words one by one.

- Fat: I am sure there are feminists who are fat. Approximately 50-60% of the adult population of the United States is fat. It stands to reason that some of those fat people will be feminists. However, if we assume that fatness causes feminism, then it reasonably follows that Rush Limbaugh and Jerry Falwell are feminists. See how silly that is now? Feminists have no problem seeing fat as a personal health issue. It is the AFs who consider a woman's girth political, based on their supposition that it is incumbent upon women to be decorative, and the current fashion in developed nations for women to be thin. Because fat women do not meet the AFs current requirements for women to be essentially fuckable art, AFs consider it their right to abuse fat women. Feminists reject the idea that women exist solely for the viewing pleasure of men; when AFs try to punish women for their personal health issues, feminists will oppose them.

- Ugly: Ugly is highly subjective, but the standards of physical beauty are such that most people, man and woman alike, fail to meet them. So, most people fall somewhere along a continuum from "not beautiful" to "who is that person being hunted by angry villagers with pitchforks?" The statistical probability is that some of those unbeautiful people will be feminists. Again, the basic philosophical differences between feminists and AFs with regard to women's beauty are present in this accusation. Feminists reject the idea that women exist for decorative purposes. When AFs attempt to punish women for being ugly, feminists will oppose them.

Just for fun, let's see if you can pick which one of these two people wrote pro-feminist arguments based on their personal beauty.
Hint: If you picked the ugly guy, boy are you ever wrong.

- Lesbian: Ah, lesbians. The simultaneous dream and nightmare of the patriarchy, and I'm afraid the patriarchy's slip is showing a bit in the openly expressed fear that women can find sexual fulfillment in each other's arms. Some women can, but if you're an AF, and you can't get a woman to agree with you, or to sleep with you, you really shouldn't assume that the woman in question is a lesbian. She may very well be, but statistics show that the sexual preference that's preventing you from "getting any" is most likely an aversion to cretins. Just so you know. To my knowledge there has never been a study on this, but I would hope that the vast majority of lesbians are feminists. Correlation is still not causality, however, as we have seen with Messers Limbaugh, Falwell and Schopenhauer. AFs assume that women's sexuality rightfully belongs to men; women who make an end-run around male sexuality must therefore be somehow "bad." Feminists reject this notion, and posit instead the radical notion that women, as free adult humans, own their own sexuality, and may share that sexuality with any other willing adult human.

- As for the man-hating business; let's not feel so special, huh? Hatred is hard work, and women, just like other people, like to know that their work is going towards a worthwhile cause. There are precisely two men in the world whom I hate, and those men had to work long hours over a period of years to earn such devotion from me. Feminists view most men, like most women, as neutral others until they have said or done something to elicit some sort of emotional response. The response varies according to the behavior and the feminist's preferences. Simply having been born male is rarely sufficient cause for feminists to begin the labor-intensive work of actively hating you. Ironically, while there are women who simply despise any all men, those women are rarely feminists. They are generally the passive-aggressive avowed non-feminists that AF men consider so safe and charming. The kind of women who consider men congenitally idiotic, and incapable of, say, knowing that socks live in the sock drawer are far more likely to hate men than the average feminist. Some random moron who says a transparently misogynistic thing to me in passing can hope for my disdain, or even shock if s/he's exceptionally gifted in the art of misogyny, but evoking true hatred will require a much more concerted effort and real commitment on the part of the misogynist. No claiming the prize if you haven't done the work, Sparky.

- shrews/bitches/viragoes/termagants, etc.: These terms denote ill-tempered women. AFs have wed themselves to the notion that women must be absent of will and mood, all the while assuming that any expression of emotion from a woman must eminate from an unwell uterus. The word Hysteria means "illness of the womb," which is how doctors used to diagnose women's anger before feminism forced them to consider the wild possibility that some women have justifiable anger. It would certainly benefit the patriarchy if women were so easily categorized as having no right to emotion, nor any physical abiltiy to generate emotion when in a healthy state, so that any expression of emotion could be termed an "outburst." Feminists reject the philosophy that women are meant to be ever chipper and docile, and instead assume that women are people, and that people often have emotions. (I am particularly fond of the word "termagant," so if you're an AF reading this post, do feel free to use that word as a descriptor for me.)

-Whores/sluts/tramps, etc.: Ah, yes, the fear that feminine sexuality, when not properly contained and controlled by a single man, is likely to rip a whole in the time-space continuum causing the universe to collapse in on itself. Like lesbians, women who take control of their own sexuality, using it for their own purposes rather than the breeding purposes of the church, government, or extended kin-group are truly frightening to the average AF. I cannot prove this, but it has long been my belief that fears of sexually free heterosexual women and of homosexual men stems from the same basic philosophy of the AF: Heterosexual men are the sexual power in the world,proven by their ability to gaze upon objects of desire, and occasionally stick their phalluses into those objects. When heterosexual men become the subject of the lascivious gazes of those who are by default lesser, or those who welcome phalluses into their various orifices, masculine authority is threatened. Feminists reject the link between the phallus and the eyes, recognizing that those humans born with vulvas also have eyes. Feminists similarly reject the notion that sexuality is, or should be, a purely male heterosexual privilege.

- frigid: There are people in the world who cannot respond sexually, regardless of stimuli. These people are rare. The charge of frigidity is based upon the notion that women's sexuality is purely passive, and that women should respond to any man who finds them attractive enough to elicit an erection. This notion has served the patriarchy well over the centuries. When women were traded as property in an institution known as marriage,for example, which was always far less sacred than profane, and generally involved some sort of real estate deal between a woman's husband and her father. This notion continues to serve the patriarchy in what is known as the rape culture. Men don't have to feel responsible for assaulting unwilling women if all women are willing, do they? But when a woman appears who is demonstrably unwilling, a wrench is thrown into the patriarchal works, and this situation demands explanation. The explanation given is often that the unwilling woman would be medically incapable of sexual response in any circumstances. This logic is similar to saying that a person, upon being offered spinach once and refusing, is medically incapable of enjoying Ice Cream. Feminists reject the idea that female sexuality is either passive or non-existent. Feminists also reject bad logic.

The Actual Causes of Feminists' Anger or Bitterness:

As previously defined, feminists believe that women and men are, or should be, political, economic, and social equals. Feminists become angry or embittered when evidence presents itself that women are being treated as lesser beings than men, and therefore as lesser beings than they themselves are. This evidence is still ubiquitous in modern society, and therefore feminists have ample opportunities to be angry. As I have said in comments elsewhere, there is a belief in this society that it is somehow still OK for people to say things about women that would earn them a much-deserved FBI file were they to say those things about any other subset of humans. Imagine David Brooks demanding that white men, or native americans, or black people refuse to educate themselves, refuse to find paying jobs, and stay at home in the kitchen "where the real power is" and tend to children, for the good of the children, and because those white men, native americans, or black people really like doing service work better than being educated and paid workers, and that he has scientific surveys that prove that those white men, native americans, or black people really can't do the high-powered, public work they've been doing for the last forty years or so. Besides, other people would find their ignorance and penury sexy, and that's always good. Let's assume that Steven E. Rhoads, asshat professor of political science at UVa published a book demanding that the public treat melanin differences seriously, because he did a study proving to him that black people are better child-care workers than white people. Imagine aforementioned asshat were telling black students in his university that they should major in something that would help them do the serving jobs they were designed by God to do even better, as he admits to telling his women students. These are recognizably outrageous ideas, and demonstrably false, but are ideas being put forth with regard to women by elderly white men on a regular basis, all the while being justified as "science." Except that scientists disagree, recognizing that the modern Eugenicists are both "proving" things that are contrary to experience, and are using studies which fail to consider any philosophically inconvenient possibilities.

After hundreds of years of struggle, women continue to be told that they are not smart enough or strong enough to do "men's jobs," and when it is pointed out to AFs that women clearly can do men's jobs, because they've damn well been doing them for centuries, we are told that we shouldn't do them "for the children." Except that half of our children are daughters, and the other half are sons. And we believe that both our daughters and our sons benefit from a world in which men and women are treated as well as their actions and characters demand they should be, and one in which both men and women are educated to the extent of their ability and interest. So, when you tell a feminist to quit school, and bake cookies for the children, she gets angry. And she thinks about her mother, her grandmother, and her great-grandmother all going off to work in the world, all getting the best education available to women of their time, and all leaving her with a torch to pass to her own children, and then she gets angrier still. And all that anger is good for her, because it tells her that she has not internalized the poor self-esteem that our society works so very hard to instill in her, and that she has a chance to bring up children (or not, as she pleases) that will also regard themselves with an eye to reality, rather than patriarchal fantasy. It's inconvenient for AFs that feminists continue to be angry, and express that anger, but feminists reject the notion that we exist for the convenience of our ideological enemies.


Ancrene Wiseass said...

{{Standing ovation}}

{{Raucous cries of "bravissimo!"}}

{{Enthusiastically hurled wreaths of laurel}}

That was brilliant, Heo.

Thanks, from one frigid whore to another!

KCB said...

Found you through AW, above. This fat, ugly bitch gives your piece two thumbs up!

Winter said...


TP said...

Strong and entertaining argument. Great post.

Jess said...

Ditto what ancrene wiseass 'said'...except for the frigid whore part... ;)

Got here via [URL=]Redneck Mother[/URL], and really like the scenery.

HeoCwaeth said...

Wiseass ~ Thanks for the comments and the recommendation. I thought my email had gone insane when I checked it!

Kcb, winter woods, tp, and jess ~ welcome!

gepryf- having praffed.

nn said...

A very well written post.

Ancrene Wiseass said...

You're welcome, Heo. But, after all, this post didn't just deserve recognition; it pretty much demanded it. I was just lucky enough to find it early and pass the word on.

Honestly, I keep re-reading it and finding new favorite sections.

Anniina said...

Wow Heo,

I found your blog only two days ago, and already I've been here long enough for you to charge me rent (don't try it, though, I'm broke). You had me laughing so loudly I alarmed my dogs! My own blog is only a few days old, so the readership is small, but I just added an entry entitled "The Infamous Hysterical Termagant, Heo Cwaeth" to make sure people read this post - it is priceless. Kudos! ~A~

Ithika said...

Hi, just been direction this way by Bookdrunk over at and really enjoyed your post. I'd never heard "termagant" before, I'll have to look it up :)

On a different matter entirely — how do you pronounce your name?! From a bit of quick checking on WP I've come up with "Heyo Said". Is this close to right?

Diana said...

Excellent!!!! very well put

HeoCwaeth said...

anniina - hello and welcome. Both to my blog, and to the blogosphere. Thanks for the recommendation.

ithika - Hello and welcome to you, too. Termagant is a super word, with medieval beginnings too. :-)
My Nom de Plume is pronounced
Heyo (right) Kwath ... with the flat 'a' most people use when saying the word "at."

HeoCwaeth said...

Diana, hi and thanks :-)

Hugo said...

Very well done! As a fellow medievalist (Ph.D. UCLA 1999) and a pro-feminist, I can say enthusiastically, amen!

I'll link to this soon.

Sandy said...

That was wonderful and extremely perceptive. I blogged an anti anti-feminist book review a few weeks ago (Happy Housewives: ) and a large part of the many comments included remarks on my (or other commenters) jealousy, pettiness, lack of sense of humor, anger and choice of clothes (!!). Not coincidentally, one of the main tenets of the "Happy Housewives" was that SAH-mothers should "stop whining" (and presumably, attempting to change the status quo), and just embrace homemaking and be happy.

BTW, I found you through Philobiblon and will now go and read your archives about two of my favorite topics: history and feminism. :-)

Chameleon said...

I fully endorse all the plaudits above having also meandered here through Philobiblon (my trust in Natalie's ability to deliver excellent reads has never been dented).

Ragnell said...

This makes a beautiful feminist primer.

HeoCwaeth said...

Sorry for the delay in responding, hugo, sandy, chameleon and ragnell. Blogger decided to save some comments up for me. Odd technology.
Hugo - woohoo pro-feminist medievalists! Soon, we shall take over the world!
Sandy - I read your post, it seemed quite fair to me. Amazing how some commenters will resort to throwing every Victorian command/insult at a woman that has spoken against Victorian attempts to control women, isn't it? Somebody's mom didn't make them eat their brain foods.
Chameleon - Thanks for coming by, and for the lovely comment.
Ragnell - Thanks and welcome!

HeoCwaeth said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow. After reading that I think I need a cigarette and a shower.

In other words, thank you.

-Lisa Jonté

flawedplan said...

Yes, thanks for this post, I followed a link here too, and felt relief concerning the guilt I carry about my own malcontent, disappointment and bitterness. There is quite a lot of un-ease connected with this state, for me, a sense of personal failing, and that I'm drowning in self-pity. Sometimes I can celebrate the dark turns, other times give in to self-recrimination and tyrannical "attitude adjustments", which only compound the self-blame. Anyways, this was a thoughtful defense of female bitterness, and I read the essay with relish and appreciation!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you know, I'm anti-feminist. And I'm not male, I don't think women exist for the sexual pleasure of men, and I think your dictionary had it wrong. Feminists, particularly in the modern context, just won't shut up. About anything. If you really want to be considered equal to men, be equal to men, excel in your field, stop worrying about the oppressive patriarchy. Feminism has become less a fight for equal rights, and more an excuse for women to be inferior to men, while proclaiming equal ability. I value how the feminist movement of the past has influenced society, without it I wouldn't have the opportunities I have today. But I can no longer support a movement who have evolved into a bunch of whingers. Gender shouldn't matter. All feminism does is perpetuate divisions between the sexes.

Not saying you didn't have a valid argument. Just thought you should've defined anti-feminist better, because it's really quite insulting to a lot of people who, after intelligent thought, have rejected the feminist movement, who don't happen to generalise about feminists in the way you generalise about anti-feminists. I think Jesus once said "do unto to others..." or something along those lines. I'm not a big JC fan, but I think he had that right. It may not make for a good argument to admit that your "opposition" are as diverse and varied and sometimes as reasonable as you are, but it does make you more intelligent and reasonable as an the person putting forward the argument.

Lea said...

Found you via

My face has been thoroughly rocked.

obimom said...

I'd love to read your essay, but the background wallpaper seems to be OVER the first 2-3 letters of every line.

First time I've run across that problem. I don't know that it's relevant, but I am running Safari 1.3.2 (v312.6) on an iMac with OS X (10.3.9).

HeoCwaeth said...

Welcome, and thanks!

Welcome. I'm sorry about the template. I'm going to try to shrink the size of the border. However, you should know that template manipulation is three and a half hassles for a Luddite like me, and may take a few days.

Anonymous said...

I feel the need to respond to Anonymous' comment.

"Feminists, particularly in the modern context, just won't shut up"
What was that about not generalizing feminists? You can't just ignore the actual definition of a philosophy for your personal biases towards the people touting that philosophy and then dismiss it based on that bias. It would be like rejecting the anti-racism movement because of Malcolm X.

"If you really want to be considered equal to men, be equal to men, excel in your field, stop worrying about the oppressive patriarchy"
Um, the problem is that we cannot always excel in our field, particularly fields protected by the patriarchy, because of the patriarchy. It's hard to stop worrying about something that affects your daily life and can prevent you from doing something you are good at and love doing. Worst advice ever.

"Gender shouldn't matter."
That's funny, I thought that was our point. Looks like this person is a feminist after all.

"All feminism does is perpetuate divisions between the sexes."
How strange. What feminism SHOULD do is point out the existing differences that exist due to male privelige and attempt to break down those barriers. Anonymous has been talking to some anti-feminists in feminist clothing.

"it's really quite insulting to a lot of people who, after intelligent thought, have rejected the feminist movement, who don't happen to generalise about feminists in the way you generalise about anti-feminists."
I'm assuming anonymous isn't talking about herself, since she has presented herself as a feminist (albeit a lazy one) and happily generalizes about feminists throughout her comment.

Love the article!
And so I'm not anonymous:

Lis said...

Both your content and skill are equally inspiring!

It's taken me some time to get here, but it is definitely worth it.

Cheese, Lis

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Your blog has finally put into context for me lessons learnt in Year 11 at school in 1975!

The phrase 'femi-nazis' abounds in the Australian media (mainly disgruntled and bitter grumpy old men who still assume their opinion matters) so your intelligent and extremely well presented argument has made my day!

I was directed to your blog by a weblist for solo mothers and children - a large proportion of whom have been married and divorced because of domestic violence.

We are currently being targeted by a federal government that decrees we must return to paid work and remain the primary carers of our children - necessitating child care workers take on a part-time role in raising OUR children.

The government maintains this charade is in the interest of promoting "family ideals" when in reality all it is doing is punishing women who have had the courage to remove themselves and their children from violent husbands.

These same men who have whinged long and loud to our politicians - only those with real legislative power are male - have now been granted the dubious honour of relinquishing much of their financial responsibility to their own children.

The men we have fled from have of course moved on and begun new families yet insisted on all the parental rights to their 'old' children and been given legislatively the right to minimise child support to their firstborn in favour of the new.

It appears that our federal government is finally achieving through Prime Minister Howard the legislated regression of every right we women fought so hard for in the 70's and placed us squarely back in the 'goods and chattel' chains of patriarchal slavery.

Would you or any women in the western world allow themselves to be forced back into work, raise a family, and be paid $1.67 an hour?

This federal govenment is not however hounding the male unemployed with the same vigour only solo mothers and the disabled with children.

disgusted brokenbodied mum australia

HeoCwaeth said...

Amy, welcome, and that was a great fisking of the anti-feminist woman's arguments here. Far better than mine.

Lis, thanks, and welcome.

Brokenbodied mum,

I can't imagine what you're going through. I'm sorry. It seems that governments worldwide are attempting to "put women back in their place" right now. I think your remarks are important, and I'm going to "frontpage" them for further discussion. I hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Wow! would you marry me!

(kidding! please dont kill me!)

Seriously though, great article and IMHO articulates what a lot of right minded people have thought for years and I enjoyed reading it.

Many Thanks....

G.L. said...

Although I am not really what you would consider a feminist, your writing is very articulate and you are obviously extremely intelligent. I was raised in the deep south and taught to serve my husband (and I'm well programmed :) I am happy with my life and my beliefs, but after reading your post, I understand more now what feminism actually is. Being 46 years old, that was long overdue :) You, GO, girl!

SunlessNick said...

As a "somehow emasculated man," I have to chime in with the accolades for this article. Awesome, tremendous, enlightening.

Sar said...

I was directed to this page from GirlWonder, to which I was directed by my angry, feminist friend, whose anger I would often listen to with concern for her mental health, and rarely with concern over what she was actually saying. I'd like to thank you so incredibly much for clearing that up for me.

I'm sixteen years old, a senior in highschool, and really just beginning to learn about feminism. I've spent most of my life ignoring any problems between the genders as well as I could, because I realized that those problems hurt me every day, and yet I also realized that I really didn't understand them, and so I didn't want to needlessly upset myself. I still don't think I understand what's going on, but now I'm certainly trying.

On a different note, a class I'm taking is having a unit on feminism, and I've been disturbed by the absolute lack of pro-feminist readings; nothing is read or said that does not make sure to carefully blame the women in some way and reassure the men that it isn't really their fault. The men still act defensively. So, in fact, do the women-- because they're frightened of being branded a "feminist." (No one was interested when the dictionary definition of feminism was brought up.) In our exploration of feminism, everything that has been expressed has been male-centric. In our exploration of feminism, in order to make any comment, one must be sure that that comment recognizes the culpability of women. In our exploration of feminism, the women in my class are barely allowed to speak. When they do, men and women alike seek any grounds on which they might discredit them.

I am therefore requesting permission to print this essay out and distribute it to my classmates in hopes that, in our exploration of feminism, at least one feminist voice will be heard.

I'd really appreciate your consent, but I understand if you prefer to withhold it. Thank you, either way, for writing this amazing piece!

HeoCwaeth said...


I'd be honored to have you print this essay out for your class. You're clearly a very articulate young woman yourself, but if you believe this essay will help you get a point across, feel free to use it. I would, of course, ask that you identify the piece as my work.

Good luck.

nightgigjo said...

So a mere 14 months later, here I find you, via :)

Fantastic. Thank you for the wonderfully intelligent post. I shall link, and thereby promote good thinking.

And it's *great* to hear of medievalist feminists out there. Gives me hope for my career. *grin*

P.S. Since Latin's gendered anyway, it'd be "Caveat Lectrix" for me/all other women/those who identify female. For the sake of inclusiveness, maybe "Caveat Lectrix Lectorque"?

P.P.S.: My patriarchal socialization dictates that I apologize or somehow mediate a correction. I just told it to frak off.

m said...

thanks a million. i'm linking to this post, since you have put into words the voices of my heart and mind.

Anonymous said...


elorie at LiveJournal linked to this & I shall thank her for it.

But first...



Ebon said...

Three things:

1. "women to be essentially fuckable art" is fantastic. Can I steal that line?

2. I have met feminists who really are man-haters. They are rare but they are out there. I have vivid memories of one from college who liked to say that "all men are potential rapists" (which is true in a sense but makes as much sense as saying "all women are potential murderers".

3. Working definition of "frigid" in common usage (as supplied by my mother): "A woman who, while single, is not attracted to you personally".

Anonymous said...

Absolutley amazing. I've come across the 'you're just bitter' argument so many times. Now, I have ammunition.

Anonymous said...

I am amused you purport to be an educated person but conveniently paint this Wholly Feminist vs. Anti-Feminist as if there was nothing in between. It makes for a very nice and tidy argument, but fits reality quite poorly.

Personally, I don't give a fuck either way. Do what you want, but don't be a hoity toity bitch about it. Maybe a little oil makes the machine work better?

I quit reading after the first few paragraphs because, frankly, it was pretty pointless blather. There's more straw men in your arguments than facts. Maybe we need some straw women in your blather as well for the children's sake.

Katie Walsh said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful, entertaining article. For a long time I considerd myself an anti-feminist because I associated the term with women who were extreme and irrational in their views; afterall aren't men and women equal now? While, I eventually came to see that men and women were not equal I still associated the word 'feminist' with extremism. Your article has helped me to dispell this association and shown me that it is based on a myth; I now consider myself a feminist-in-training.

laura said...

Clear and impeccably logical reasoning.

Thank you.

how to tie a tie said...

"If feminists were completely happy with the status quo, we'd be off somewhere doing things other than pointing out how unhappy we are with the status quo." Right on the money with that comment.

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