Saturday, April 01, 2006

Celebration of April Fool's Day

I found this perfect graphic representation of, well, my entire life at a post Angry Black Bitch has up regarding teens lobbying for responsible sex education in Missouri's schools. (Go, Missouri youth!) ABB has contact information for those of you from Missouri who would like to ask your representatives why it is they won't meet with the very teenagers who will be most affected by any legislation regarding their education.

Now for the self-reflective bit. As long as I can remember, I have been very like the chihuahua in this photograph. I even have a picture of myself at two, arms akimbo, staring menacingly up at the camera (or the person holding the camera). My family thought it instructive to take pictures of children being "unreasonable" for the purposes of showing them evidence of just how silly and powerless they were in whatever situation. This tactic clearly didn't have the desired effect.

Being a recalcitrant big mouth is an extremely inconvenient way to interact with the world. It's easier and probably smarter from a personal success standpoint to be the "good girl." I tried that whole good girl thing for a minute, and it made me crazy. I had to let it go. I have taken quite a number of lumps for speaking, and been ridiculed for not "knowing my place" in various hierarchies, but the only regrets I have are the times I maintained fearful silence. (Well, I also regret a few bridges I merely burned when I know they should have been blown to smithereens.) To much of the world, that makes me a fool. Indeed, there is a literary tradition wherein the fool is the only character who can and will speak unpleasant truths. Call me "sirrah," I guess. In keeping with this assessment, I consider April fool's day something of a personal holiday. So, today I celibrate the fool in all of us who speak when it would be easier or smarter to remain silent. Good work, and continue on, folks. The world needs its fools.


medieval woman said...

Hello Heo Cwaeth,

I love the graphic today - I, too, feel like the chihuahua often. But one of my friends once said: "good girls don't become medievalists!" and I think it's true. I know of only one "good girl" who is really sweet and nice and goes along with what everyone says, keeps her legs crossed and nods a lot. Sadly, she's also very successful, but I think she's in for a rude awakening at some point! Also, her writing is like soggy bread (but I'm not bitter! hee, hee...)

At any rate, thanks for the "icon luv" over at Dr. V's comment list - I think the kitty looks like he just went 10 rounds with Tyson and lived to tell the tale.

Another quick comment about "good girls" one of the most infuriating things I've ever heard was a letter by Ann Landers (or someone like that) about birth control:
"The best form of birth control is a quarter pressed firmly between the knees."

Arrrrrghhhhh! But it's definitely a crazy snapshot, huh?

J J Cohen said...

Great graphic and post ... have much enjoyed this blog.