Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blog 'n Run

[UPDATE] Today I handed in my last (seriously late) paper to one seriously vexed professor. I wasn't being a slacker about this, I just couldn't write, no matter how long I sat in front of the blank screen. So, considering the fact that I sat my butt in front of the computer for days on end trying to write, and the words just wouldn't needed to be late. Anyway, now the papers are all in, and my first year of graduate level intellectual hazing is complete. Thanks for the good wishes!

Hi folks! I'm currently suffering wicked writer's block, because the time for one's neurons to declare a cease-fire is just before all large projects are due. Aaagh! Cross your fingers for me.

I will return within a week, either triumphant or thoroughly drunk. For now I'd like to direct the radical-minded among you quite a beautiful piece of radical writing that came to my attention recently. It made me cry. And, it seems to me that if a straight white suburban woman (how Audre Lorde of me to list all that) cries when reading a piece of writing that has approximately zip to do with her own experiences, it's pretty darn good.

Thomas Glave "On the Difficulty of Confiding, with Complete Love and Trust, in Some Heterosexual 'Friends'" Massachusetts Review


Laurelin said...

fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed for Heocwaeth! Best of luck :) L xxx

Another Damned Medievalist said...

*sends good wishes*