Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fun with Irony

OK, many of you have probably seen this already, but I just discovered it. I like it even better than the dinosaur theory of Grendel.


Chris said...

OK, that's fucking hilarious, pardon my French.

Bardiac said...

I feel like tearing my eyes out, just watching part of that. Hilarious, in a horrifying way.

Dr. Virago said...

Oh god, did you catch the "knowing nod" from Condi that they edited in after GW huskily says "tonigh, we can be as one, tonight"? Priceless.

But what I find particularly hilarious and instructive about this and the one where the editors make him sing "Imagine," is that in both videos, GWB is a much more mellifluous, rhythmic speaker than he is in real life, despite the fact that they're cobbled together. He should study these videos for lessons in cadence!

(PS -- I see that we were both a little absent from the blogosphere lately. Welcome back to us both!)