Thursday, January 18, 2007

HOLY COW!! Blogger Let Me Through!

I thought the Homeland Security folks had decided to minimize the public's exposure to navel-gazing fluff and memes and very rare attempts at medievalist rambling, and thus had cut off my blog access like a buncha filthy commies. (That's right, Skippy, I said "commies." Tell me how the NSA is different from the Stasi. Go on, I double-dog dare ya!) Turns out it was just a prolonged technological glitch, but I'm still keeping a close eye on those commie bastards at Homeland Security. Just in case they get ideas.

While I was on my unintentional blog hiatus, some very terrible things happened.

1) Ancrene Wiseass, the blogger who inspired me to to try my hand at this blogging stuff, and was the first to link to me so that others would even know this place existed, has decided she's taking a prolonged, perhaps permanent, leave from blogging herself. Thanks for everything, Wiseass, and good luck wrestling that bear.

2) Michael Berube decided to quit blogging, too. No more show trials, or fun, smart-alecky take-downs of critics who just don't get it, or ...look, I'm not even going to pretend I understood the music references. I studied classical voice when I studied voice, and I wouldn't know a punk-rocker from a prog-rocker if they were both wearing signs. But, it was kinda cool to be able to say, "Hey! I may be a stereotypically bookish dweeb, but those guys over there appear to know about cool stuff, so nyah!" This also means that I will never have the opportunity to say in comments, as I often wished, the thing that you say to your favorite drinking buds after they've made you snort Guinness in public. To wit: "You guys are dicks. I love that about you."

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