Sunday, June 18, 2006

Be It Resolved That ...

-- A 34 year-old woman should not be all tuckered out at the end of a 45-minute brisk walk. ESPECIALLY after three weeks of taking said walk regularly. I actually had a pain in my side this morning! WTF? Before I became one with my computer-chair this year, I could walk -- sometimes even jog -- for an hour and arrive home feeling refreshed and invigorated. Not any more! So, I will now be adding a choice of evening walk/bike-ride/dance-around-to-silly-music until this nonsense stops.

-- I'm putting myself on a Television diet, too. I get all caught up in some cool movie, then berate myself for an hour about the two hours of reading time I lost. Pffft. Too much emotional energy to expend for the joy of re-experiencing the Andrew McCarthy oeuvre, methinks.

-- More medieval posts to come soon, and I hope they will be substantial ones. I'm currently reading Joanna Story's Carolingian Connections , and there is much information to process.

-- All thoughts I had about possibly making this a single-themed blog are now over. I am not a single-themed person, and I don't feel like pretending I am.

-- I'm updating the blogroll. If your blog's name isn't there, and it should be, tell me. I'm not ignoring you, I promise. I'm just becoming increasingly cognitively eclectic (i.e., flaky) with age.

Happy Father's Day to all who qualify!!

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magistra said...

Can you add my blog to your roll please? ( I'm also a medievalist, a historian who's just finished a PhD on early medieval masculinity. (I'll stick you on my blogroll as soon as I work out how to create one).