Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Personal and Medieval

As of just a few minutes ago, I am GREAT Aunt Heo to a brand new baby girl. Welcome, Baby. And I certainly hope your mother decides on that name for you quickly.

In Medieval News:
Via the Anglo-Saxon listserve: the Abbey Library of St. Gall has put 100 complete manuscripts online. Yay! I'll be adding a link to the sidebar, too.


Chris said...

Congrats, great aunt Heo!

medieval woman said...

Congrats Auntie!

HeoCwaeth said...

Thanks, guys. And my niece has decided on her name, too. It's a distinctive name, so I can't post it. (I think. Sometimes names are just about to be all ovahdeplace, and I'm just unaware. Like Hannah, I thought the Hannah I knew was the only one in 100 years. Nope.)

Ron Sullivan said...

Congrats! It's great to have a niece to corrupt, and greater yet to have a grandniece ditto.

My niece visited here when she was 11, and when my sister said, "Now don't send her home with blue hair or something," you know what Niece and I put our heads together and got done. Not all her hair, but she went back to Orlando with a blue streak and a People's Republic of Berkeley Tshirt. I don't think her hair's been the same color three months running since she was 16, and she loves Northern California.

Now her daughter is, omigawd, 15?, and though our collective efforts to raise plane fare for her over the past few summers haven't worked, we did have a Christmas visit from the two of them plus Niece's boyfriend. Grandniece is gratifyingly adventurous about food, and can hold her own in debate with Joe and me -- and plays half a dozen instruments including bluegrass fiddle. It's hard to know how I can corrupt her, but we'll think of something.

I recommend a nice black baby Onesie. Or tie-dyed. Or brocade! With a tiara or a velvet mobcap or something instead of those weird headbands they put on babies lately.

sexy said...