Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Anecdote Thread

Funny/telling experience at Summer Job just last week:
One of my Supervisors has been refusing to talk to me since I started working, because here in Microburg there seems to be a very clear divide between college-educated and high school-educated folks. (The town-gown tensions are high, too. But honestly, the way some of the students treat the locals is appalling.) Since I'm doing work that doesn't require a college degree, he assumed I was of the untouchable caste. Anyway, somebody asked me why I moved to Microburg in Haughty Supervisor's hearing, and I told the questioner that I'm a grad student. Suddenly, Haughty Supervisor found me an acceptable, even engaging, interlocutor. During the rather animated discussion we had, I learned all about his associate's degree. The evil part of me wanted to say, "Oh, an ASSOCIATE's! I'm sorry, I can't continue this conversation." But I refrained.

Funny/weird dating experience from several years ago, but which I remembered during a conversation with a friend just last week:
I was in a car, making out with my date (I was young, I needed the practice), when I felt his fingers rest on that space between my collar bones. The guy was taking my pulse! I guess the fact that I wasn't in need of a defibrillator upset him, because that was our last date. Well, it was either the lack of dangerous arrhythmia or the howl of laughter that escaped me when I figured out what he was doing. Either way, last date.

Share a fun anecdote yourself, or feel free to comment on mine!


lalouve said...

I was once in bed with a guy who told me that, as he was an ex-military man, he preferred being on top. He was very offended when I slid my leg up and neatly tipped him out of bed - I don't sleep with people who can say things like that without joking.

medieval woman said...

Ha! That's hilarious! I have many funny/terrifying romantic anecdotes, but the one that springs to mind is the time I was dating a closet foot fetishist. I was happily accepting a foot massage one day and I noticed that he stopped suddenly and I looked down and saw him sniffing my feet! Now, my feet smell like ambrosia of course, but it surprised me so much (I was an undergrad!) that I jerked my foot and kicked him in the face and gave him a really bad bloody nose...

John, err, Eleanor said...

These days my socializing usually involves me sitting alone at a bar in what ever town I'm working at the moment, getting a buzz on and trying to finally read the day's newspaper or go thru my e-mails only to have a man 20 years my senior decide he wants to buy me a round of drinks. After 20 minutes of politely refusing and hoping he'll take notice of my mad eye rolling skills, I quietly switch from my dulcet, alto pitch to a possessed-sounding baratone voice and watch'em scram. Okay, so if you're not a transexual, you may find varying degrees of success with this approach.

HeoCwaeth said...

OK, you guys all beat me in the anecdote contest. Thanks for giving me some great laughs!

Lalouve- Baha! I'm trying to imagine the look on this "alpha-male's" face as he hit the ground. Fabulous.

Medieval Woman - I just keep thinking of the Red Stripe commercial when I read that. "Boo, creepy foot doctor. Hooray, beer!"

John, err, Eleanor - Now I'm trying to expand my range downward to see if I could pull that off. I can't. So now I must hate you.

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