Sunday, February 25, 2007

Random Bullets of Information Ranging from Crap to Non-Crap. In No Particular Order

Things you probably noticed already:

  • I figured out how to work the bullets!
  • Google got me. The bright side? Now I have the ability to put labels on my posts. The not so bright side? I hate being coerced. Hey Google! I thought you said you wouldn't be evil. What's the big idea with the blatant and unrepenting exercise of juridical power over my blogular freedoms, then, huh? Isn't that evil? (Yep, read Foucault recently.)
  • There have been deletions from the blogroll. Blogs that haven't posted for several months are gone, though I hope the bloggers are happy and healthy. The blog with the commenters who gave me the willies is also gone, because I don't need that kind of ugly in my life. Not even tangentially.
  • There have been additions to the blogroll. Every day more people with more great things to say about, well, everything come to my attention. About 18 months later, I add them to my blogroll. I know there are blogs that ought to be there now, and aren't. I promise they will be someday.
  • There's a new section of the blogroll entitled "They wonked." There are wonky blogs there. I have no idea why it is in bullet format.

Things you may not have noticed yet:

  • Six weeks without smoking!
  • And I've finally 'earned' that crypt rubbing I bought myself as a treat at the end of week one.
  • And, come to think of it, quitting smoking might have contributed to my extra-negative take on the world of late.

Things you have no way of knowing until I tell you:

  • After a full day wrastling it down, and changing to 3/4 inch margins all around, I have completed the updating of my resume (accent aigu x 2 there). Holy shit, I've done a lot of stuff these past few years! No wonder my to-do list seems to have it in for me. I am now prepared to paper the state with applications for employment beginning with the work listed in the Sunday papers. Ta-da!
  • I had a party this weekend, and about half the people I expected showed. I am now in a fix. What does one do with leftover bad merlot? (Seriously, never trust the wine guy.)
  • If the people on the big committee I serve on don't stop yelling at each other about "taking action," when they mean "writing letters," I may have to stab myself in the head in the middle of the next meeting to relieve the pain.
  • The people on the big committee really hate it when you say stuff like that to them during the meeting so that your objection is in the minutes and everything.
  • The people on the big committee will always remember to be offended by that sentiment, but continue to yell at each other about "taking immediate, decisive action" as soon as you stop talking. ESPECIALLY if the immediate, decisive letter they want to send addresses an issue outside of the big committee's narrow range of influence.
  • The people on the big committee think Words = Deeds, and Volume = Validity. I hate them. A lot.
  • The insurance company has elected NOT to fix my car, that their client bent, because it's an old car. They will send me a check for the "fair-market" value of my car instead. They will then spend the next 5 years charging their client as if they had fixed my car, and fixed it with pure platinum. I hate them. A lot.
  • I have changed banks. Because the banking business that exists on campus is worse than a pack of thieves, and I told them that. Seriously, I am not one to be shocked by greed, but the business practices of this bank were absolutely horrifying. And their 'justifications' for these practices? "That's how we make money." Not from me, they don't.
  • My niece to the second power visited. She's even more adorable than ever, now that she's more than a little poop-machine, that is. Though she did scream blue murder if she was put down on the carpet when there were clearly people around who could be holding her and doing her wee baby bidding. Unsurprisingly, she has not learned to crawl.

That's all for now.


Bardiac said...

Didn't medieval and early modern folks add a bunch of sugar and stuff to bad wine to make it palatable?

Maybe some experimentation is in order? You could call it research, apply for a grant?

Anniina said...

Congrats on the being quit for 6 wks! As for "wonky blogs" - how's that defined? And for the accents, you can use for accent egu the code & e acute; (all together, without the spaces). Similarly for á - to get accent grave you can type in & e grave; à, and so on. That post was "blogalicious", btw.

Anniina said...

More on the HTML ASCII codes, to get all kinds of fun symbols, I always refer to

xox, A

Jarod said...

Congrats on the smoking, that is very hard to do. A crypt-rubbing is a great reward, I'll have to remember that one!

HeoCwaeth said...

You know, I think there's an article in that idea. Hmmm....

Wonky is being defined by me as polemicists who have interest in current affairs and/or legal stuff. Which is not the definition everybody else uses, but 'they polemicized' sounded dumb. (BTW, Balkin really is a wonky wonk, in the traditional, law-professor-at-Yale kind of way.) Note to self: Do not try to use words in weaselly way on blog.

Let's try this for a minute é è.

HeoCwaeth said...

Woo-hoo! Look out Résué.

HeoCwaeth said...

oh, hell

HeoCwaeth said...
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