Saturday, March 03, 2007

On the Acquisition of Fancy Pants

Houston, we have interview suit! A perfectly delightful double-breasted, pin-striped, nicely constructed, fully lined, month's worth of groceries AND extra little treats interview suit. Hell, I think it came close to rent. And I like wearing it; my salary demands just went up.

Before I went interview suit shopping this time, I scorned the fancy pants. Because my life's trajectory has been such that every day clothing of the expensive variety was not an option, and didn't need to be. More than a decade in nursing? Nursing uniforms five days a week, a few pairs of jeans, and half a closet full of gowns appropriate for weddings and tea dresses appropriate for baby showers. Couple years as a teacher? I wore corporate casual teacherly stuff, but not of the very best quality, or even middling quality --- think stores than end in "mart" or "get" here---because ... psshhh... they weren't paying me to maintain a *nice* wardrobe, just a professional one. And nice costs money that I could be using in better ways. And who wants to spend a million dollars on a pair of beautiful pants that will just have a chalk-line across the butt by lunchtime? Then I became a grad student, and mostly wore the left-over teacher clothes. Same job, different age group, same chalk-line, same wardrobe.

But now! Now I go into a world of people who will probably not bleed on me, a world where the chalk line is not a given.


Anniina said...

Oh, congrats on the perfect interview suit! Enjoy it in good health. A great suit is hard to find, and if it makes you feel like a million bucks, then it's worth the almost-million bucks that it cost, confidence being key in interviews. And that whole "dress for the job you want, not the one you have" thing as well. I hate pants shopping, but one of these days I'm off to a place ending in -Maxx or -shalls to get a pair for interviews, since my current wardrobe consists of a wide selection of jammies.

HeoCwaeth said...

I'm totally jealous of your jammie wardrobe.

Anniina said...

Heh, yeah it is great on the one hand, but on the other, I feel a bit clostered sometimes. I fear I'm turning to the crazy cat lady... but with dogs.