Friday, May 25, 2007


[Post edited to eliminate idiot spelling errors and extra-awkward sentences. Medium-awkward sentences and less idiotic spelling errors have been left intact. Not really, or not purposefully. I'm just covering my butt.]

For just a moment, I may actually be my normal-ish self. Though I haven't quite figured out what normal looks like without some sort of looming emergency, academic or familial. Heomodor had all her problem areas addressed surgically this week, with some hours of high drama in surgery during which the surgical staff ran around quite a bit and shouted. Just like on the TV. Well, they didn't have sex in the broom closet in between laps around the O.R., but still. I was actually convinced, for the past month or two, that Heomodor was not long for this world. Good job, team of three surgeons! And a nice touch it was, your meeting with the whole fambly as a unit to explain stuff. Even the spindly one who adopted the 'benevolent but dismissive father-figure" status for himself while taking command (and, who did the least of all three) deserves a good pat on the back for his contribution. He also deserves a kick in the pants, but I'm tired this week. Which brings me to this question...why would someone who actually performs an iconic role [dramatic surgeon] in our culture double down by adopting another one [father knows best] in a conversation related to his work in his first iconic status? I mean, seriously! Next time wear a cowboy hat, too, why don't you?


Chris said...

Glad to hear your mom was able to have the surgery, and that it went well. I hope this means that your life will become a bit less stressful in the near future, and that you are able to get some sleep.

Anniina said...

I'm happy that Heomodor's surgery went well. I second Chris's wishes that you might find time to catch a little rest :)

Dr. Virago said...

Glad to hear your mother's doing OK, and also that your sense of humor is intact! The cowboy hat bit was priceless!

Bardiac said...

Master Heo,

I think it's because surgeon and "dad knows best" are quite closely related social roles; if you're male and can adopt a paternalistic superior attitude, you move from one to the other easily, perhaps?

I, too, am glad to hear that Heomodor is doing better. I hope she recovers apace!