Saturday, November 19, 2005

Democracy: n. 2005 edition

1) System of governance in which the majority of citizens are repeatedly asked to abandon their civil rights and legal protections to cater to the;
a)will to power,
b)religious convictions, and/or
c)bank-accounts of the minority.

It seems as if the only way -- the ONLY way -- some democrats can see the democratic party returning to power in the near future is to abandon the fight for women's rights to bodily autonomy. Now, last I heard, women were about 52% of the voting public in this country. And, based on the most recent polls the majority of Americans consider it a woman's right to determine for herself whether or not she will carry a pregnancy to term. So, why not just surrender women's rights to appeal to the MINORITY of the country who find self-determining women a threat to God's immortal plan for white, male, Protestant American domination of the globe? Fucktards!
Here's my modest proposal. Dump the party that wants women to give up their rights "for your own good, precious" AND the party that wants us to give up our rights "for the greater good of all" and come up with another fucking party. A party that holds the belief that women are, funnily enough, grown up people who can make moral decisions about their own bodies and lives, all by themselves. Couple that belief with some rudimentary mathematical skills, and you've got yourself a winning team.


blithering moron said...
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HeoCwaeth said...

Blithering moron said: people will vote for cheese

Yeah, I noticed. What could be cheesier than falling for the 'security moms'label?