Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tired, Stupid, and Evil

1) came thisclose to wishing my PoMo professor -- the one whose pet peeve is the demonization of Indians in the old west -- a Happy Thanksgiving. Me, smiling: "Ha... [realization dawns, awkward silence]... uh ... [Internal dialogue:Quick! Say something, fool!]...Have a good weekend." PoMo prof, laughing: "Oh, you too." (wink)
2) While prepping pies for Thanksgiving (I'll be hosting this year), considered setting the parental controls on my TV to block out episodes of Law & Order just for the joy of watching my visiting family freak out.
3) Discovered that Queen Bertrada's name means "Broadfoot," laughed for several minutes, then tried to figure out how to form a Germanic name that means "One who argues with inanimate objects."

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