Saturday, February 18, 2006

Call for Posts Deadline Approaching!

The 9th Carnival of Feminists will be at Mind the Gap in just a couple of days. The deadline for submissions is tomorrow, so nominate an entry (even your own) by e-mailing it to .

Instructions from the Gap-minders:

"Don't forget to submit and nominate posts for the 9th Carnival of Feminists to be hosted here on 22nd February. The official deadline is 19th Feb, but we can probably stretch it to the 20th if you run a little late.

The entirely optional theme is Feminism and the Body.

This topic might include posts on feminism and make-up, the beauty industry, plastic surgery, diet culture, food, eating disorders, fat, fat acceptance, body hair, disability, sex, physical pleasure, pregnancy, menstruation, the menopause, transgendered embodiements, biological determinism, religion and the body, tattooing, piercing .... I'm sure you could think of more.

We will consider posts on men's bodies/male body image, but only if they engage positively and productively with feminist thought, or are written from feminist perspectives.Being as Mind the Gap doesn't have a huge readership, we would be very grateful to anyone who finds it in their hearts to publicise this call for submisisons on their own blog."

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