Sunday, February 26, 2006

Eeyore Smiles

Reading over the last -- oh, shall we say ten? -- posts, it occurs to me that this blog has been suffering from my habit of accentuating the negative. There have been joyous experiences here at Microburg U., and even in my inner circle over the past month.

To wit:
1) The professor who qualifies to mentor me in exactly my academic sub-field has a reputation of eating babies for breakfast in front of their grieving mothers while simultaneously kicking puppies, just for giggles. This has not been my experience of her AT ALL. She's extremely kind and helpful. She is happy to share all manner of insider tips, and she pushes me to do things I'm afraid to do. And, she does all of this with a smile. Couldn't be happier about working with her. Yay!

2) The professor of another specialty that works well with mine (another one with a puppy-kicking reputation) likes my work and wants to work with me on other projects. Again, I don't know where these folks get their reputations from. She's been amazing with me. Yay, again!

3) I spoke to The Reigning Medievalist about creating an interdisciplinary discussion group on campus, sort of a listserv with coffee, and he has put me in charge of the project. I get what I want, a space on campus to do it in, and I get to organize it my way. (I am aware that his having me do it gets me out of his hair and puts the onus on me, but I'm still happy.) Preliminary discussions have indicated strong interest among three of the five represented humanities & social science departments.

On the personal front:

Best friend since H.S.just had her second child. Welcome, new baby!

So, it's not all Orwellian comment-monitoring and sheepishness around here. Just so you know.