Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Excuse Me,

but what are you doing reading a blog when you should be out voting?

[Update: I woke up early and voted with the elderly this morning. Since that time, I've been stressing about the election returns in between trying to read very dark and brooding prose. Aargh! Stressful voting plus Victorian Novels: bad. Next time, I'm going to do the final hour voting run, or at least read something light and peppy on election day. And now, I should return to reading the works of George Eliot, if that IS his real name.]


Bardiac said...

I already voted!!!!!

Please Flying Spaghetti Monster, help the electorate make some better choices.

Gillian said...

We had a horse race instead of a political race and I betted chocolate coins instead of voting. Ah, the trials of being Australian.... I will be watching the vote count with much avidity later today though.