Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Great Moments in Irony

A Mercedes-driving student, whose outfit (with accessories) must be worth more than any car I have ever owned, has just informed me that I disagree with her proposed thesis not on the grounds that I think she won't be able to find enough evidence to make a good paper of it, as I stated, but rather because I'm one of the 'liberal elite' trying to keep 'people like her' from success.

You know, that was so good that I'm not even offended by the fact that she accused me of being petty and unprofessional.


Chris said...

Man, I'm in the wrong department! I never get accusations like that.

Ancrene Wiseass said...

Oh. My. God.

Bardiac said...

Hah! Makes me want to ask what kind of outfit?

HeoCwaeth said...


It was a lovely Burberry ensemble. I'm not being facetious, it really was cute. But the coach bag and diamond earrings really put it into the 'more than my cars' category. Of course, my cars have had a tendency to be really old domestic make vehicles. So, that *was* a bit of a rhetorical weasel on my part.

Acre said...

I'm always so surprised that students think being insulting is going to get them what they want. They can't possibly have success with that approach. Still, if I'm going to be insulted, the really outrageous accusations are at least good for a chuckle.