Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Immer Fleißig!

You know things are getting tough when you start giving yourself pep-talks in German.

Update: 1) Melville and Behn are dead, and I have killed them. I now await my sentence.
2) I am currently in the process of seriously damaging Bede and Willibald.
Late, obviously.
3) Following that, I have a date with the 18th century. Medievalism has indeed
staked its claim on me, folks. This semester I discovered that the 18th century
doesn't have nearly the amount of bloody revenge I like to read about. Batch of
sissies, they were. Crying over love-lost, bah! Anyway ...

Happy Happy Birthday to my super-fabulous sisters! I promise I'll be human again soon. I may even stop muttering to myself in German.

Also, Ron, the dust-bunnies thank you for remembering them. They were really touched.

1 comment:

Ron said...

Just be careful. You know what happens when dust-bunnies start to mutate, don't you?