Monday, December 26, 2005

This Just In:

Semester grades have been posted, and I have apparently survived the attacks of the roving band of feral PhDs that was released upon me just a few months ago. Yippee! The grades are not 4.0, obviously, or I wouldn't need that tiara ring to inspire me. However, they are good enough that I'll accept them. (By 'accept' I mean, of course, bowing-deeply-while-backing-slowly-away-from-the-professors-so-as-not-to startle-them-into-sudden-grade-changes.) I am hopeful that I will be able to implement a sort of Zen and the Art of Scholarship next semester, so I feel more in control of my world, and not quite so much like I'm just reacting to external stimuli. Or, I could drink. Definitely one of those.

(Cute penguin image appropriated from this fine Website)


Chris said...

I told ya you'd do just fine. People really should listen to me more often. Congratulations, though. I'm sure the lessons you've learned this semester will lead to increased control, and relaxation time, in semesters to come.

HeoCwaeth said...

Thanks. I certainly hope I'll get better at this. "Toadying halfwit" is not a role that I enjoy playing, frankly. Also, more people would listen to you if you didn't talk funny.