Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blogging Medievalists Planning the Seige of K'zoo

Ancrene Wiseass and Dr. Virago are planning The First Annual Kalamazoo Bloggers' Guild Meeting at "the Zoo" Conference this year. If you're interested in joining the fun, please stop by one of their sites and leave a comment. Even if you can't attend, but know Kalamazoo well, and have a suggestion for a good Guild-hall location, I'm sure they'd be happy to know about it.

I'm still uncommitted for this years' Conference because I'm mid-scramble for Latin study funds, and surprisingly few people are willing to fund the study of dead languages. Imagine that!
However, if I can possibly pull it off financially, I will be attending (if only to face the music for busting people's chops this week).

Update: I told Prof. Nokes over at Unlocked Wordhoard that I would display my TTLB status as soon as it changed into something less disgusting. Well, now that I'm a creature with feet, I've done just that.


Dr. Virago said...

This is completely off-topic, but I saw your comment at Unlocked Wordhoard about your ecosystem status. Apparently, you don't realize that you've moved up in the ranks. You're a crawly amphibian (which may not be any less gross to you than a slimy mollusc, but you're higher on the Great Chain of Being, anyway).

So from a flippery fish to a crawly amphib, thanks to linking to me! :)

And yes -- ideas for gathering places are encouraged and welcome!

HeoCwaeth said...

Thanks for telling me, Dr. V.
I'm a strong enough woman to tolerate crawly amphibian status, I think.

Ancrene Wiseass said...

Heya, Heo. I was just stopping by to make sure you'd heard about the meet-up. Thanks for posting about it! And congrats on your movement up the food chain, too.

HeoCwaeth said...

AW, thanks. K'zoo is looking like a non-starter this year, but I'll wish you folks all sorts of happy that weekend anyway.