Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friday Poetry Blogging: Because Everyone Else is Doing It.

And I needed an excuse to put this delightful little poem up in a post.

The Naughty Preposition - Morris Bishop

I lately lost a preposition:
It hid, I thought, beneath my chair.
And angrily I cried: 'Perdition!
Up from out of in under there!'

Correctness is my vade mecum,
And straggling phrases I abhor;
And yet I wondered: 'What should he come
Up from out of in under for?'

1 comment:

Ron Sullivan said...

Oh lord. That's an old favorite of mine, one of very few I have by heart.

I'm not sure I ever knew the author's name, though. That's how young I learned it.

You know the one about the elephant and the telephone?