Monday, March 27, 2006

!@#$%&*! Team Work

Tell me something, oh Oracle of the Internets. How the *&^%$@! is it possible that a grown person, in graduate school, working on a paper worth a really bloody significant portion of THE TEAM GRADES can notify the team, i.e., ME, on 7 pm Sunday evening, FOUR DAYS before the final draft of said paper is due, and ask what the thesis is, and which portion aforementioned person is responsible for writing? Now, let me be clear that this is a FINAL revision. This paper has been kicked around a bunch.

The Rage, she grows.

[Update: Rage-reducing Mantra of the week: "No. That's a felony. They will prosecute.]

[ Updated Update: And she completes the editing, partial rewrite, and full integration of second half of her "team paper" (received in draft form a mere 7 hours ago, Jim) with two hours to spare! The grade is saved (probably), her good name lives for another day. The crowd goes wild! ]

[Updated Updated Update: A beot: The blogging medievalists have full permission to beat me with a stick should I EVER make a student's grades 75% dependent upon team projects. That is all.]


Laurelin said...

For fuck sake... I would be sooo pissed off with that person!

HeoCwaeth said...

Laurelin, oh believe me, I am.